Learn how redefining manhood, creating a powerful brotherhood, and getting your ass out and into adventure gives you the power to live a truly successful life defined by you... rather than by our culture.

Can a successful, yet busy man make the transition from him serving his career to his career serving him simply by free diving deep into the ocean, or jumping out of an airplane?

Learn why activities like these produce so much more than just time and energy. Don’t push away the things that fuel our strength, power, and sense of purpose.

WARNING: If you don’t have a fire in your gut to live a life of excellence, this webinar will only frustrate and upset you. Don’t attend if this is you.

Before our first call, Brent was working over 40 hours a week. He was successful in the way that our culture (sheep) has defined. He made good money, had status in the community, and his friends even looked up to him. But Brent knew something was missing.

His relationship with his body, health, happiness, spouse, and children were suffering on a trajectory that would eventually leave him in ruins if not corrected.

He was using the antiquated operating system of “Hard Work” passed down from his father. He had gotten in the habit of responding to every life challenge by throwing his body at it.

He had become blind to all of the possible ways he could be reorganizing his power and accomplishments to serve him.

On the webinar, I’ll share the intimate details of how we began the “Pivot” in his life. The simple steps that began the process of moving away from a career that he served, and towards a career that served him, his life, and his family.


In this Training you’re going to discover 3 secrets that my SEAL training allowed me to uncover when I became an entrepreneur.


Secret #1: Why Things Are So Difficult For 90% or More of Men?

When opportunities for adventure and a rewarding life come into your sights, do you often find yourself saying things like “I’m too busy,” “I can’t afford that,” “Please keep me in mind for the next time you go on an epic journey,” or “Maybe next time...”

Sadly, our temporary sacrifices have become our permanent misery....

Instead, wouldn’t you rather say “Hell yes! I’m going!” and step INTO those opportunities?

In this webinar I will reveal how conventional culture has us ALL react and move in conventional ways that keep us stuck right where we are. And why it makes it so difficult for us to do anything different than we are already doing, and never breaking away from the herd.


Secret #2: How to BOLDLY Form a Badass Team

You need to form a team (but not just any team), so that you can get past too small of incomes and tired bodies, and stop struggling to balance work and home... and START to live an adventurous life full of fun, power, and purpose.

Your team will push you to make big commitments to grow, and they will not suck you into being overly busy and pressed for time, energy, and money. The right team will train with you to beat the bullshit, and improve your performance.


Secret #3: Why Most of us Will not Make the Pivot

Be sure to pay attention here, making more money is not about working more hours… And if you continue to believe in that conventional mindset, you will forever be strapped to the railroad tracks as the victim in your life’s story.

Be the Hero, not the victim.

Pay close attention when we reverse the traditional paradigm of first going to work, and giving what’s left to your life.


Does this sound like something that will impact your life greatly?


If you answered yes, then register NOW. I don’t know when I will offer another training event that goes into such controversial and brutally honest insights from my 10+ years in the military and as a Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor, and how I applied that experience as an entrepreneur.   


About Eric Davis

Eric Davis, former Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor, President of the leadership & performance company Sealed Mindset Leaders, and author of "Raising Men: Lessons Navy SEALs Learned in Their Training and Taught to Their Sons."

Since 2008 Eric has been repurposing the proven principles of performance for individuals and organizations. Through engaging examples and his "Performance Through Process" approach, you'll have new tools to live a good life and lead others to do the same.



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