What's Really Possible?

Too many men are now planning their futures based on what they believe they can do rather than what they truly want to do. 

In a world of online video courses, podcasts, audio books, and even weekend seminars, men have have become ensnared in limiting beliefs.

  • "I've got to hustle"
  • "I have to sacrifice my happiness to provide for my family" 
  • "To earn more money means I need to work more hours" 
  • "I can't change my career. I have a family, a mortgage a..."

I actually don't think men really believe that they can actually dominate life within the most competitive environment this planet has ever seen by taking an online course or joining a facebook group. I believe, like me, they've looked hard for help and came up short. 

For some people, that can all end now. Here's who we are and how we get it done.  

We all need someone watching our back from an elevated position. Seeing and pointing out what we can't see, so we can go to the places we didn't think possible.  - Eric Davis -

We all need someone watching our back from an elevated position. Seeing and pointing out what we can't see, so we can go to the places we didn't think possible.

- Eric Davis -


Strategic Training Groups:

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This group is for Men who've already produced power and success. Men who've given their first fruits to their careers and the left overs to their relationships with their spouses, kids, body, health, spirit, friends, fun, adventure, etc. 

Seven hand selected Men who are ready to make the "Pivot" by designing their life on their terms, and then building their careers, current or in some cases new, around that life. 

It's scary shit, but that's why we screen rigorously so that you're surrounded by 7 other dudes who are after the same unconventionally good life. 

The 4 Pillars of Real Change

1: Be the Hero

The hero’s journey is one of intention, and each challenge that is overcome or each adversity that is traveled through leaves him stronger and more powerful.

  • Heroes designbuild, and protect each role they hold in their lives.

  • Heroes don’t focus on problems. They focus on purposes.

  • Heroes invest and produce returns on their time and energy rather than barter with it.

  • Heroes’ journeys are fueled by courage, confidencesatisfaction, and joy.

  • Heroes are a pleasure and source of energy to be around.

  • Heroes attract, inspire, and add value to others, which in turn, attracts inspiration and value from others.   


Strategic Training Group Head Quarters, SoCal

Strategic Training Group Head Quarters, SoCal


2: Create a Mission that Matters

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.
— Lucius Annaeus Seneca

A man who lacks a powerful mission lives a life of diffusion, one that is based on a foundation of fear.

He is easily distracted and influenced by the opinions and narratives of all who surround him. He suffers with an inability to stick with the hard or uncomfortable actions required to live a good life, resulting in a wasted one.

A man on a mission remains focused and wastes no time or energy on the little things of the world. He is in constant progression, becoming stronger, more energetic, and more flexible everyday.  

In the STGs we discover  what your life’s work is meant to be, and then we produce commitments and accountability around that. You get 7 dudes comitted to your future.  

While leveraging the collective courage and wisdom of the group, you’ll boldly and confidently tackle the mission you were put on this planet for, as you help others on the team do the same.

3: Discover True Brotherhood

Whether or not we want to admit it, our ability to do anything stems from those around us. Without community,  a “Lone Ranger” often finds himself slowly withdrawing from activities of adventure and joy. His life begins to stagnate. It slows down and then stops. Then it begins to decay, leaving angry, frustrated and lifeless men.  

Our confidencehappiness, and ability to thrive are dictated by those we surround ourselves with. Without powerful role models around him, a man stops taking risks, both personally and professionally.

Within a brotherhood, we’re inspired to act boldly, giving us the courage to say yes, whether to a climbing trip or to starting a business. Brotherhoods affect every aspect of our lives, because they are a part of us. Stop going at this alone. 


Strategic Training Group member getting ready to dive beyond his percieved limits. 

Strategic Training Group member getting ready to dive beyond his percieved limits. 

4: Reignite Your Warrior Spirit

I’ve studied and worked within the domain of behavior change since 2001 when I became a sniper instructor. And over the years, I’ve learned that you can take all of the science, theory, and practice and boil it down to one thing…


Strategic experiences are designed to produces real change.

Each of us can identify those poignant moments and experiences in our lives that reset both our trajectory and our paradigm. Now it’s time to make more of them.

Members of the Strategic Training Groups are invited to all three SEa-Air-Land (SEAL) excursions I head out on during the year.

Like the SEAL Teams, not every man will get in.

You can’t become a SEAL, Writer, Warrior, Father, Executive, Entrepreneur or even a Sniper simply by reading, watching videos or listening to podcasts about them. You need to train for what it is you're after becoming. Train for it!

We select small groups of 7 men based on their potential to live an inspiring life of their design, and has the capacity and desire to eventually lead others to do the same. 

NO ONE gets in without a test or challenge to prove their ability to execute. (If you’re one of those guys who just can’t hold a commitment, this is not for you.)  

No quick fixes

We’re going to spend a full 11 months this year going deep. We're dealing with nothing less than life or death here. We'll be redefining manhood, discovering your purpose on this planet, building life long brotherhoods and relearning how to have meaningful fun and adventure. It takes some time.    

What's it Going to Be?

When I open enrollment for these groups typically 2 - 3 seats will get grabbed immediately, because I normally charge six figures when I do this kind of training on a one-on-one basis. These groups only cost $15,000.00

I've actually found that this work is MUCH MORE POWERFUL when done with other solid dudes, which is the primary reason I offer each one of the 7 spots in this program for just the $15,000.00 this covers your seat in the group for the entire year.

Return on Investment: 

As a SEAL I knew nothing but to train with the best in the world. That's why we are the best in the world. When I left the Teams in 2008 it was natural for me to pay for and produce high returns on education and coaching offers.

I've since learned that how to do this is not obvious to most. So when and if we talk about the possibility of you becoming one of the seven, we'll both get very clear as to what returns are possible for you. This is about more money, time, power and capacity. Not less. 

I’ll make over $150K more this year just from the things I learned and experienced on this trip.
— Joe De Lisi

Basic Operations & Next Steps

National Strategic Training Group (STG 002)

  • National group meetings are video calls - Two (02) times per month and Two (02) hours long
  • Each meeting is led online by Eric Davis
  • Every member has limited access to my calendar for one-on-one time

Enrollment: OPEN NOW

  • Begins: June 27, 2018
  • Ends: May 2018
  • Cost: $15,000.00

Local Strategic Training Group (STG 003)

  •  Group meetings are in-person (unless Eric is traveling) - Two (02) times per month and Two (02) hours long 
    • Conducted out of our headquarters in South Orange County, CA
  • Each meeting is led by Eric Davis
  • Every member has limited access to my calendar for one-on-one time

Enrollment: OPEN NOW

  • Begins: Summer 2018
  • Ends: Summer 2019
  • Cost: $15,000.00


Only members of current or past Strategic Training Groups will be invited to the "SEa-Air-Land (SEAL) excursions I go on every year.

  • There are three (03) trips a year: Typically they are spread between Sea - Air & Land (SEAL)
  • Prices and schedule: To be published prior to kickoff. Average cost of each excursion is $2,500.00 + travel
  • Not Mandatory: But I highly encourage attending the first trip to meet the other guys in person - Brotherhood!

The Last Strategic Training Group  filled quickly so... 

...if this is a potential game changer for you it's important we connect soon to discuss. 

When we talk I can help you with any concerns you may have. 

Remember that this is about having more time, money and power. Abundance not scarcity.

Talk soon.. Eric