Live a good life and lead others to do the same. 



Live a good life and lead others to do the same. 


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Your Instructor


Eric Davis

Former Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor, Author of "Raising Men: Lessons Navy SEALs Learned in Their Training and Taught to Their Sons." 

Trainer of those after living a life of purpose, passion, fun & adventure in (SEa-Air-Land.)

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xxxxxxxxxKnow What To Do

Understand what life is actually made of so you can cut out that which doesn't matter. 

The people we work with are ambitious and have often gotten them- selves too busy to create lasting positive change or transformation in their life. 

It is for this reason that we start by creating the space you need to grow by teaching you how to: 

  • Assess each element of life so you no what matters now 
  • Prioritize so you don't get caught up in being too busy 
  • Act so you don't squander critical years of your life 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Know You Can Do It

We've found that there are 8 tenets that can be intentionally taught and built like a muscle to produce and maintain the mental toughness everyone requires to do that which must be done.  

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Know You Want To Do It

I've met too many people who've tried to make positive changes in their life only to constantly backslide. 

Diets, relationships, study habits, and success in general has been a series of peaks and valleys that average out to being a zero net gain. 

In Sniper Training we teach what's called "Natural Point of Aim" which tells the student to adjust his body until his sights land on his target without effort. 

It's subtle, but it prevents the muscle fatigue which will eventually have him miss. 

In this session you'll learn how to begin to control behavior so you're not dependent upon self discipline and effort alone. 

  • Encourage and create behaviors 
  • Discourage and extinguish behaviors 

Imagine waking up and feeling like doing what you should be doing! 

Membership for $xxx a month

Here's what you'll get

Here's what you'll get

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Every story, discovery, hard lesson learned, alternative mindset, strategy or tactic that was used, invented or stumbled upon in the pursuit of POWER, PASSION and FUN was captured in my personal journal.

We release XXXXXXXXX twice a month for our members. 


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Why Transcripts and Audio?

Why Transcripts and Audio?


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Membership for only $xxx per month