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Live Training Name: Live Webinar: Habits of Heroes 

Presented by: Eric Davis, FMR Navy SEAL Sniper

Date & Times:

Topic: the Four pillars of real change


Inside this webinar you will learn...

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What is the "hero's journey" and how to become the hero in your life so that you can inspire others to do the same.

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Why creating a mission that matters will put you in constant progression, making you stronger, more energetic, and more flexible so no time is wasted.

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How to reignite your warrior spirit and truly define manhood so that you can set your sights on goals much larger than mere "freedom." 

AND the Four mistakes men make that directly impact their ability to live a good life, and what you need to know to avoid them.

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About Eric Davis

As a SEAL sniper instructor, it was my job to see what my students could not see. My role was to observe their performance, so I could expose them to and correct their tactical and strategic mistakes, then teach them the fundamentals, rhythms, processes and practices they had to embody to win.  

In  2008 I departed the SEAL Teams and brought the principles of performance I had developed into the corporate world. With deadly accurate levels of precision and process, we proved that the same fundamentals used to train Snipers, applied to corporate teams.

In 2014, with a desire to live life on my own terms, I departed the corporate world to reconstruct my life so that I could lead others to do the same. It took me just over 3 years to design and build what I considered an exceptional life. One designed by me, for me.  

In 2017, with many lessons learned, I hired my own coach and consultant to convert my unique experiences into real and tangible offers that would radically impact the lives of others. This led me to launch two small and very exclusive groups --  Strategic Training Group and SEAL Pups.


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In a world of online video courses, podcasts, audio books, and even weekend seminars, men have have become ensnared in limiting beliefs.

"I've got to hustle"

"I have to sacrifice my happiness to provide for my family" 

"To earn more money means I need to work more hours" 

"I can't change my career. I have a family, a mortgage a..."

I actually don't think men really believe that they can actually dominate life within the most competitive environment this planet has ever seen by taking an online course or joining a facebook group. I believe, like me, they've looked hard for help and came up short. 

For some people, that can all end now. Here's who we are and how we get it done.