This is NOT a book, podcast or even a course. It's a tangible commitment to living a good life with NO MORE unacceptable compromises. 

This is a set of PRACTICES you'll be in to align your time, energy, desires and money with your true purpose, your real mission on this planet.  

A set of ACCOMPLISHMENTS that you can produce and build from.   

Immediately begin investing what ever level of capacity you’ve come to this page with. Begin to build the strategies, tactics and practices that will increase your capacity (time, money, energy, desire) to care for that which matters most to you. 


How It Gets Done



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It will be here, within this continuous practice, that you'll produce the critical levels of situational awareness required to identify, assess, prioritize and begin acting upon the elements of your life that dictate the outcome of not only your life, but of the lives of those you influence and lead.  


Enrollment: OPEN

  • Runs: May 29th - November 6th 2019

  • Live webinar calls: Twice a month with Eric Davis

  • Online course materials: Created by Eric Davis

  • Meetings: Wednesdays (3:00 - 4:00 PST). If you can’t make it, we’ll send you the recording.

  • Call Dates: May 29, June 12 and 26, July 10 and 24, August 7 and 21, September 4 and 18, October 2 and 16, November 6.

  • Investment: $35.00 / month X 6 Months

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Past Members Said:

“Since this class on Superhuman Performance, I realized that I simply was not prioritizing what needed to happen and I did not have a clear picture of where I was at the time.

I am now trudging my way on this new path and using the tools provided to help me forge the correct path.

I’m working my way out now since realizing that I had a hobby and not a career. If I continued focusing on jobs based solely on my passion, I would continue to leave my self exposed financially and unable to realize other areas in my life that are also important.

The life map put it in focus and was the visual tool I needed to fully understand what the biggest jam in the log jam actually was in my life.

I would say that I am still in the process of correcting the issue but I already see the potential.”


“Before working with Eric, I was regularly dropping the ball on managing the tasks I was responsible for. This was creating confusion, overwhelm and diffusion in my life. It had me stuck and unable to fulfill my life’s mission.

This overwhelm would have continued to eat away at me, and those around me, if I didn’t access the tools I needed to effectively capture and execute on what needed doing precisely when and how it needed to be done.

Using the “Operations Site” and modifying the “Roles & Responsibilities” tracker has allowed me to both optimize my performance as well as align my energy and resources with the things in my life that I’m truly committed to.    

I'm on my way to having everything important in my life captured, assessed, prioritized, and calendared. It's a work in process, but I have a better mindset about being ok with that as well.”


“The element map really helped me compartmentalize the different areas of my life, get a big picture view, and begin "shedding" things, relationships, and mindsets that were not effective.

Also for defining what mission MUST and MUST NOT include.

The dominant calendar helped drive home how little time I really have to screw around with people and material things that do not serve a mission to live a good life. Realized like a big slap in the face that having my time "owned" for 8-12+ hours a day for $40k-$100k a year, and believing that it's going to "help" me get somewhere is just asinine and a recipe for a slow painful death. This type of "job" and salary should be treated as a tool, and a stepping stone, not the solution.”


This tribe will not find you. You’ll need to find them, and when you do you had better step in and bang their doors down. Seek out relationships with others who are after something beyond themselves. Find people who have proven success in the domains you are looking to grow in. Become valuable so that you can be included in valuable groups.
— Eric Davis

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